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Friday, July 22, 2016

Flying Human Resources Coordinator /FInance Coordinator Assistant (M/F)

Main Purpose:     

To manage the Projects day-to-day financial & Administration/HR activities and ensure that all key financial systems & HR/Admin systems and policies are implemented correctly in all projects. Fill gaps, support, and train project Fin/Admin staff and perform, projects financial & HR/Admin data checking for its reliability in accordance with the FinCo’s and HRCo’s instructions and MSF guidelines and protocols to provide accurate, updated financial & HR/Admin information.

Duties & Responsibilities

•        Guides and Assists  in Implementation of all Financial and Human Resource/Administration rules and regulations in all MSF-Holland Projects

•        Responsible for giving on/off the Job trainings and coaching support for Field HR/Admin and Finance team both on Finance and HR Procedures, rules and regulations.

•        Be part of  Emergency Response coordination team for Finance and HR /AdminSet up

Replace Field Fin and HR administrators in their absence

Finance & HR Rules and Regulation

·         Support projects to in their day to day Finance and HR administrations in lieu of the MSF-H Finance and HR policies and guidelines.

·         Design, Organize, Implement and handover systems and procedures for Finance and HR team in projects as per MSF standard in close collaboration with project Finance and HR Manager and Head of Finance and HR Department.

·         Support the proper functioning of Boox system & Homere database in projects

·         Support Projects in handling tax and pension liabilities, employment contracts, Financial & employee file and documentation

·         Support project Admin and Finance team in handling accurate and up-to-date records are maintained of all agreement involving MSF Staffs, property and project activities and ensure these are reviewed and revised as necessary before their expire date.

·         Ensures that the projects monthly bookkeeping is completed in accordance with the guidelines of OCA and Ethiopia mission, and that all information is processed as per the monthly financial schedule.

Training and coaching

•        Train the project admin and finance team in Homere and Boox programs

•        Train the project admin and Finance team on any specific  financial and administrative tools (Example, annual leave management, advance procedures, disbursement procedures, etc as needed)

•        Train project admin and Finance on each and every standard admin and finance forms  (ex. Annual leave form, contract form, personal history form, transfer form, promotion form, evaluation form, advance form, payment and receipt voucher, journal and etc)

Emergency response

•        Responsible for organizing maintain complete HR and Finance component of an emergency intervention/in any new project.

•        Act as field administrator in a situation of new project till recruitment completed.

•        Replace Field administrators on their absence (gap filling)

Project document verification

•        Verify all projects monthly financial documents and give comment and recommendation and follow-up the process closely. Make corrections as necessary before forwarding to the FinCo for final checking and provide 15 days and monthly feedback to the project.

•        Regularly checks the balance of petty cash (both debit and credit cashboxes); spot checks that all paperwork is being correctly completed for all petty cash advances & settlements

•        Prepare project bank account balance reconciliation

•        Verify projects tax collection and payments and follow-up the whole process closely

•        Verify projects staff payroll with all data attached with payroll

Taxation & Legal issues

•        Make sure Duty Stamp gets paid for all projects and coordination office employee once a year and for new staff contract during the year.

•        Maintain proper filing related to Duty Stamp payment for all projects and coordination office.

Liaison work

•        Support Coordination office Accountant in liaison work when he is in Addis Ababa office

•        Ensures that the projects and Addis logistics send their monthly money requests/overviews and compile the money request for Amsterdam.

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