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Monday, July 25, 2016

Coordinator Migration & Diaspora

GIZ- Internal/External Vacancy Announcement #57/2016

Coordinator Migration & Diaspora


As an international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations, the federally owned Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH supports the German Government in achieving its development-policy objectives. GIZ promotes complex reforms and change processes.

 In Ethiopia, GIZ has been working for more than 40 years in bilateral cooperation on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and on commission of the Ethiopian government and international donors.

 The Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM), which is jointly run by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in cooperation with the German Federal Employment Agency (BA) / International Placement Services (ZAV), recognises the development potential that comes with migration. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the global Programme Migration for Development (PME) supports the development-oriented contributions of migrants from 25 developing and emerging countries to their respective countries of origin. Moreover, it seeks to advise selected partner countries on ways of utilising migration for sustainable development and improving framework conditions for legal migration.

 Job Title:                           Coordinator Migration & Diaspora

Place of Work:                   GIZ Office, Addis Ababa

Required Candidate:        One

Application deadline:      August 4, 2016

Remuneration:                  As per GIZ Scale

Overall Responsibility:

The coordinator fulfils a crucial role in the implementation of the global Programme Migration for Development (PME) in Ethiopia. He/She represents the PME in the country and coordinates the activities of the programme which are being implemented here. He/She carries out his/her work in close coordination with the programme manager in charge of Ethiopia in the frame of PME, who is based at GIZ’s head office in Eschborn. He/She also cooperates closely with the GIZ Country Office Ethiopia. The coordinator provides input for the annual planning of PME in Ethiopia and develops proposals for country-specific activities within the context of each component and independently carries out these activities after they have been approved by the programme manager. An important responsibility of the coordinator lies in the provision of advisory services to highly qualified migrants and the provision of country-specific expertise to the programme manager. The coordinator cooperates with the ZAV placement officer in charge of Ethiopia in related PME fields of activity, especially in the component “Knowledge Transfer through development-oriented return (Returning Experts).


The range of required tasks to be fulfilled by the coordinator is listed below. The components of PME will be introduced step by step in Ethiopia, with an initial focus on development-oriented return (Returning Experts), Diaspora Cooperation and short term placements of Diaspora Experts.


Knowledge Transfer through driving development through returning experts (RF)

Information and advice

·         Inform and advise experts and students on employment options and issues related to returning to the country of origin and social and professional integration,

·         Advise experts on the administrative aspects of the Programme’s support process and ensures that the documents submitted meet the relevant quality standards,

·         Organise events for specific target groups in Germany (in cooperation with BA/ZAV) and in the partner country,

·         Informs employers about the Programme’s various components of support (travel and transport allowance, salary subsidy payments, workplace equipment, support of trips for the purposes of networking and further education).



·         Forges sustainable contacts with relevant employers and specifically acquires offers for jobs and internships that are relevant to development cooperation (DC),

·         Posts acquired job offers of the required quality on the project website,

·         Places experts with precision, particularly in DC-relevant sectors, and ensures that placement activities relate to job offers in a sufficiently large proportion of cases,

·         Proactively searches for suitable jobs for eligible applicants,

·         Takes the lead when it comes to individual decisions on support in the action area/ component ‘Driving development through returning experts’ (RF) (salary subsidy, networking trip, continuing training measures, etc.) and coordinates the final decision with the project manager responsible for the given region (to comply with the principle that decision-making must involve two people),

·         Prepares documents setting out the necessary information for the approval of additional benefits for returning experts and submits these to the Programme’s commercial team (VSB).



·         Networks the supported experts with each other and with DC experts,

·         Organises networking meetings and workshops to promote technical exchange among supported experts as a main priority and social exchange where appropriate,

·         Establishes regular contact with the German embassy and other institutions (including the Goethe-Institut and the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD) and foundations, as well as with relevant local institutions and the diaspora and migrant organisations in Germany, and relevant associations and organisations on the ground.


Diaspora Cooperation

·         Supports and coordinates all of the Programme’s activities in the action area/ component ‘Diaspora Cooperation’ in the partner country,

·         Monitors the potential and opportunities in the partner country for introducing a specific ‘diaspora expert’ approach,

·         Examines applications and requests for support by migrant organisations and possibly diaspora experts, and visits project partners on the ground,

·         Informs and advises migrant organisations, diaspora experts where appropriate, partner organisations and institutions with regard to the support offered and processes involved,

·         Networks local project partners, fosters the integration of supported projects into local and DC structures and promotes networking opportunities with other programmes,

·         If required, supports the piloting of the ‘diaspora expert’ approach by actively advertising the options for support, by acquiring DC-relevant assignments at corresponding partner institutions, supporting the matching process between partner institutions and suitable applicants, and by supporting short-term assignments in the partner country.

·         Draws up the documents for making a decision on support for diaspora experts.


Business ideas for development

·         Supports and coordinates all of the Programme’s activities in the action area/ component  ‘Business ideas for development’ in the partner country,

·         Helps to attract participants for introductory seminars in Germany,

·         Provides support at introductory seminars, among other things by giving information on the country’s economic situation and opportunities for business start-ups by members of the diaspora,

·         Identifies resource persons, especially successful start-up entrepreneurs, to present best practices during the seminars,

·         writes items and provides information for the ‘Business ideas for development’ website,

·         Continuously expands the local range of services, including the organisation of specific local events (e.g. entrepreneurs’ fair),

·         Sets up a network to support start-up entrepreneurs in various respects: market exploration, import/export/customs/law, start-up formalities, funding, business-to-business (B2B) and business partners,

·         Advises, supports and networks entrepreneurs in the country of origin and Germany.


Overarching tasks

·         Represents the Migration for Development Programme at country level,

·         Acts as the contact for internal and external partners of the Programme in the partner country,

·         Coordinates all of the project activities in the partner country, in agreement with the officer responsible for the commission and other Programme staff at Head Office,

·         In agreement with the local partners and the Programme’s component and regional project managers at GIZ Head Office, draws up the country-specific plan of operation, job order, etc. (technical objectives and financial requirements), and where necessary, provides evidence of the use of funds and prepares financial accounts,

·         Makes all major country-specific operational decisions related to implementing activities in the areas of action/ components. Decisions concerning the areas of action/ components are made by the Programme’s component project managers and officers responsible for the commission at GIZ Head Office.

·         Is given authority to sign on behalf of the Programme, if required. The relevant amount will be specified for the individual country.

·         Establishes and maintains an adequate local knowledge management system for the Programme,

·         Conducts analyses of the potential for introducing new areas of action/ components on the ground, in agreement with the component project managers,

·         Is responsible for setting up and maintaining an in-country Programme network (alumni, returning experts, employers, GIZ, embassy, diaspora associations, partner organisations, etc.),

·         Carries out marketing activities in-country, in agreement with the Programme officers responsible for marketing and PR at GIZ Head Office,

·         Contributes to the further conceptual development of the country portfolio,

·         Carries out local activities to inform existing or potential employees of returning experts about the Programme and its objectives (strengthening the contribution to development made by migrants in their country of origin, especially knowledge transfer).

·         Prepares Programme-related business trips by GIZ Head Office staff and possibly by partners, and accompanies them on the ground,

·         Makes necessary local and international business trips,

·         Takes part in relevant specialist conferences and prepares presentations,

·         Takes part in training courses offered by CIM and in migration-related issues,

·         Works actively to further develop the areas of action/ components and current themes related to migration and development, in agreement with the officer responsible for the commission (and component and regional project managers),

·         Initiates the acquisition of third-party funds.

 Monitoring and evaluation

·         Supports the monitoring processes in all areas of action/ components implemented in the partner country and in the related activities,

·         Assures the quality of results monitoring reports (in terms of their content) by providing expert advice,

·         Carries out surveys and collects relevant data in the priority country for results-based monitoring and management,

·         On request, produces reports by the set deadlines,

·         Supports the Programme in establishing and developing monitoring and evaluation instruments and activities.


Interested and qualified candidates shall submit their application letter along with their non-returnable recent CV and support letter via or to the following address:

Applications from qualified women are encouraged.

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