Friday, July 29, 2016

CMAM Supervisor

1: Team management: (related to ACF staff)

·         Participate in the recruitment of staff;

·         Draw up a planning of the work involved for each post;

·         Organize regularly evaluation meetings of team members;

·         Organize training courses;

·         Organize monthly meetings with the team and report the outcome to the Nutrition PM;

·         Keep an updated register of the staff (absences, overtime);

·         Supervise the daily, weekly and monthly reports of the team;

·         If there is a problem, find out what is wrong and find a solution or else contact   Nutrition PM;

·         In case of a conflict between team members try to mediate and refer to  PM in need;

·         Check the way in which the team interacts with the beneficiaries and those accompanying them.

·         Ensure good coordination and collaboration with other nutrition team members and support departments.

2: Support government health staff to manage and supervise the nutrition centres (OTP and SC): joint activities and monitoring:

·         Makes sure that CMAM program is implemented according to the National protocol

  • Follow-up of distribution, management and consumption of systematic treatment, therapeutic food and NFI

·         Makes sure that the HEWs and ACF nutrition team have adequate training on the management of acute malnutrition per National manual

  • Identify training gaps in the woreda

·         Plan on-the-job and refresher trainings according to the weaknesses identified

·         Adapt training material according to the identified needs

  • Provides technical support and training where required to all team members including HEWs in collaboration with woreda health office,

  • Analyse the nutritional situation;

·         Compile the statistical data and draft a report on activities.

·         Coordinates the link of acute malnutrition cases with EOS/TSFP and facilitates regular registration of Non-EOS beneficiaries and submits on monthly bases

·         Ensures the availability of job aids, reporting formats, therapeutic products and drugs for program implementation

·         Support the government health staff in the management of SC and for the strengthening of  the program

3: Data management, reporting and program Development;

·         Ensure proper recording of the information related to the   implementation of the CMAM program in the nutrition centers including care practices, appetite test, health and nutrition education and home-visiting

·         Report on activities on a regular basis through APR format and

Updating the Deputy Nutrition Program Manager on the status of the program and performance of the staff

·         Participation of formulation of the ACF future operation in CMAM program activities

4: Represent the organization in relation with the project to the local authorities and other partners:

·         ACF representation for CMAM activities in related forums and meetings

·         Present the project to the various local partners ;

·         Liaise with the authorities, committees and other beneficiaries

·         Upholds the image and values of ACF at all times,

Educational / Professional BackgroundBSc degree in Public Health/Nursing/Nutrition and related field of study; Minimum three years working experience with NGOs out of which one year in CMAM program;

Required skills:

Patience, good relations with other people, good capacity to work in a team, capacity to manage priorities, precision, capacity to share knowledge and train colleagues, knowing the local language; willingness to work under pressure and extra hours.

Closing date: Aug 07, 2016


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